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Organize a group trip and stay at the Hotel La Pergola Rome

The group tours are the most fun and effective way to travel and have fun; the benefits are numerous, but there are also organizational problems that need to be resolved for the most part with if the right choice: a hotel that has comfort, service and comfort suitable to host travelers in group. Every day in Rome they receive diplomatic delegations and businessmen, to which is added the intense congressional activities, conventions, trade fairs with the participation of professionals from around the world. The so-called business travelers often move and travel in teams to spend less time as possible and organize events at the same hotel where they lodge ... we know that the "time is money."

Rome is also a city of pilgrimage. On important occasions jubilee, to the canonization in St. Peter's Square, or to participate in the hearings of the Pope, millions of pilgrims traveling in a group to live intense and full spiritual experience. Alongside the sacred, there is also the profane: football matches with an international importance, sporting events, concerts of pop star world, trade union events, shows and exhibitions, film festivals and a wide variety of cultural events attract incredible numbers in the capital of "fans", fans, members traveling in a group with their own clubs, associations and groups.

Fortunately the hotel offer in Rome is not lacking, but the hotel La Pergola offers to square the circle to meet the needs of every type of group because of its strategic location, ease of access to public transport, for the services offered and the rich neighboring area of ​​opportunity and convenience useful for those traveling in groups.
Central position

The Hotel La Pergola is located in Via dei Prati Tax, a residential and commercial area in the northern quadrant of the capital between the Montesacro area and the new wage. The hotel is easily accessible by car (thanks to its proximity to the Via Olimpica and ring road) train, plane or bus.

The Fiumicino airport is 60 km, but the Hotel La Pergola - as well as offering a transfer service - can be easily reached thanks to direct connections to the center and Termini Station.
Easy connections

One of the main needs of those traveling in groups is the ability to move easily without getting lost and without much exchange points whose risk of breaking up the group or slow down the movements.

For those who travel by bus to La Pergola hotel's proximity to the ring road (2 km) and even the highway greatly facilitates trips out of town or to the historic center avoiding the city traffic. You do not have to sacrifice any stage planned.

The best way to get around in a big city is the local public transport. The La Pergola hotel is just a few bus stops from the terminus of Metro Line B1 (Golden Shell) with which you can reach the center of Rome in a quarter of an hour.

To reach the Conca D'oro meters from the Hotel La Pergola you can go on foot - is just over 1 km - or take the bus line n. 88, in transit on average every 15 minutes and get off after 5 stops. The closest stop is "Via Cavriglia / Prati Tax", while the one next to the subway is "Conca d'Oro / Val di Sangro."

For those who prefer the "Surface transport", Hotel La Pergola is directly connected to the center by the following buses:

No. 38 that leads to Termini station;

No. 80 that goes up to Piazza San Silvestro (Centre, Via del Corso, the House, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, the Pantheon, Piazza di Spagna);

# 88 up to Nuovo Salario Station and FR1 train to Trastevere;

No. 93 to reach the Tiburtina station (interchange point with Cotral bus direction outside Rome and the Metropolitan Line B).
Shopping and commercial area

Prati Tax is a modern district, dynamic, in the countryside - nearby are Villa Ada, Villa Glori and the sports center of Sorrel Water. This ensures at the same time the tranquility and silence own a residential area, because the opportunity to stroll along the shopping streets. In fact, along Via Prati Tax is the shopping center "Carrefour".

The proximity to a large shopping center is a great convenience for those traveling in groups that allows you to save as much as to find local products and designer outlets.

Other neighboring shopping centers are:

Tell your (supermarket mainly food, in Via Prati Tax, 90);

Upim (shopping center in Via dei Prati Tax, 63).
Restaurants and leisure

One of the difficulties often encountered who organizes group travel is the opportunity to book local restaurants and can accommodate a fairly large flow of people simultaneously. The Prati Tax offers a wide range of dining opportunities and the Hotel La Pergola is able to offer benefits and discounts thanks to the initialed agreements with the majority of restaurants, clubs and shops nearby. For information and details please contact the hall.
Services and cordiality in a friendly environment

The staff at the Hotel La Pergola is on hand to provide information about tours and places of interest, organize transfer, giving information on all tariffs and discounts especially for group bookings and active agreements. The services provided by the hotel are:

Breakfast buffet;

The bar (open for visitors from 10.00 to 24.00);

The relaxation rooms;

The internet corner to be able to use your PC if without the own and free wi-fi;

Organizing tours and booking service taxis, restaurants and clubs;


Toll parking);

babysitting service (for a fee);

transfer service (for a fee).

The Hotel La Pergola is an ideal choice -for individuals and groups - to make the most of a stay in Rome.